eQstats is a web-based application specialising in benchmarking clinical outcome measure and operational data performance.  eQstats is stacked with data measurement tools and compliance measurement tools. Tools include pathways, quality control audits, internal audits, indicators, incident and non-conformance reporting and surveys. All of these tools link to corrective action, risk management and core standards. 

Established in 2005 eQstats has been conducting performance benchmarking across the acute, community and primary health care industries since 2006. Compliant to Protection of Health Information, eQstats enables automated thematic and visual analysis using measurement tools across a continuum of care or process lifecycle.

Performance and digital benchmark data used for evidence-based reporting and decision making include risk scoring and data stratification. The platform includes customisable reporting to the requirements of the project from entry through to reporting.

Option to use your existing data collection tools to participate in benchmarking.  eQstats two-way API COG  ‘push and pull’ removes redundant data input tasks. The system can be used for internal benchmarking or our external benchmarking cooperative data sets.

The system generates  ‘real time’ performance reporting including cognitive analytics for crunching words and biostatistical reporting for crunching the numbers. Powerful statistical cogent reporting reads the data, deciphers performance against the benchmark and writes the report in readiness for peer review. Beautiful infographic reporting includes presenting information, data, and knowledge in a visual manner to engage your stakeholders in using reports to drive process change.

We’re experts in quality, risk and governance management. A true GRC platform to manage population health data using a quality and risk management framework, achieving benchmarking, governance and compliance data end to end. 

eQstats is used widely across regulated industries with prominence in the health care setting. Contact us now for further information and a system overview.

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eQstats provided organisations with a software platform to managing their Quality and Risk framework generating performance and compliance data end to end. 

Risk stratification

Managing risk includes risk incident and prevalence, risk weight and probability.

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eQstats digital benchmarking includes ICHOM standards and outcome measurement tools. The International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measures purpose is to transform heath care systems worldwide by measuring and reporting patient outcomes in a standardised way.

What sets eQstats apart

Apply eQstats COG API to your existing software applications, removing redundant data entry tasks and make use of dormant application data such as EHR or CRM to automate beautiful performance reports. No need for a BI with eQstats data on the fly.


Enterprise clients