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eQstats is a global software development company, providing advanced, simple-to-use systems for complex and large organisations, enabling them to effectively manage their quality and risk information.  

Via automated reporting, integrated data, data measurement and data compliance tools, eQstats makes accreditation and certification risk-free, by adhering to your organisation’s chosen compliance standards.

An innovative end-to-end solution, catering to governance, risk and compliance, eQstats software drives efficiency within the health industry, ultimately improving healthcare outcomes.

Data Analysis

eQstats patent does more than simply produce data. It interprets the information, acting as the data analyst, providing users with a contextual interpretation.

Not only that, eQstats also generates a detailed results report, including the data interpretation, and comparing your company performance to internal or external digital benchmarking with industry peers.

The driving aspect of the eQstats system is the development of the algorithms and processes to automate the decision-making process, which would otherwise be done by a human – ultimately doing the job faster and more accurately, for much larger quantities of incoming data.


eQstats innovative software delivers technology solutions which can be integrated to your existing vendors, using COG App.

There’s no need to transition to a completely new system - the eQstats interface allows you to access your existing electronic health record, whilst also benefiting from our advanced features and capabilities.

eQstats software is a highly scalable platform built on modern technology that can aggregate all types of health data, from both traditional and non-traditional sources.

Offering integrated clinical outcome performance measures and real-time reporting, eQstats software provides predictive modelling that identifies and stratifies risks in a population or process.

Executive and Board Reporting 

 The system also allows organisations to achieve and demonstrate governance. All staff and associates – from frontline clinicians to managers and members of governing bodies - can demonstrate the effective use of data, reporting of outcomes and continuous improvement.

eQstats’ innovative and award-winning end-to-end solution helps you to manage all types of health related data, while enabling your organisation to measure the effectiveness of partnerships between consumers, healthcare providers and healthcare organisations. Watch the video >

Consumer Partnerships

Consumer partnerships are important in all businesses, but particularly at the level of the health service, department or program of care.

Partnership activities include:

●    legislative requirements for health services to have consumer or community advisory committees in place
●    policies and frameworks from state and territory health departments and private hospital groups

eQstats software includes the provision of tools to help health services identify priority areas for action, such as the collection of patient experience feedback through surveys, enabling the use of this feedback for quality improvement.

The software allows the organisation to implement and resource effective systems of management of:

●    Quality improvement and measurement
●    Risk management
●    Incident management
●    Root Cause Analysis, Clinical Peer Review and Open disclosure
●    Feedback and complaints management.
●    Systematically monitor performance across all safety and quality systems, and reporting the outcomes to Executive, Boards and the governing body
●    Integrate safety and mapping your standards to into organisational plans, policies and procedures

Professional services

Providing an end-to-end solution for its clients, ensuring quality and management frameworks and information management systems are contemporary, efficient and high value to stakeholders, eQstats assists in the following areas:

●    Root cause analysis facilitation and workshops
●    Quality and risk management staff outsourcing
●    Quality and risk management co sourcing
●    Quality and risk management training
●    Workshop facilitation, project management and training–Value Stream Mapping, Lean and Kaizen methodologies, tools of quality management
●    Staff augmentation and secondments

eQstats’ experience and expertise is backed up by a true understanding of how the health sector operates, having worked with local and global customers in the health domain since the product inception.

eQstats further specialises in Kaizen and Lean facilitation methodologies, allowing organisations to bring in Quality and Risk Management Training and Project Management as required.