Patient Feedback Form

We hope that your stay at Murray Valley Private Hospital has been comfortable and that you are making a good recovery. If you wish to provide feedback about your stay or would like to make a complaint, please ask to speak with the Nursing Unit Manager / After-Hours Manager. We would encourage you to discuss any concern before discharge so that we will be able to address the problem and make your stay more satisfactory. If your concern is not addressed to your satisfaction, please ask to speak with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Written complaints to the hospital should be referred to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) , PO Box 1323, Wodonga VIC 3690 – Phone: (02) 6055 3100 If you wish to make a formal complaint with an independent body, you may wish to refer your complaint to the Health Care Complaints Commission. They are located at Strawberry Hills, NSW


Admission Reason

1 Your admission process*
2 The cleanliness and decor of your room*
3 Quality of the food*
4 Response to your call bell(if applicable)*
5 Overall nursing care*
6 Courtesy towards you and your visitors*
7 Response to concerns or complaints*
8 Your discharge process*
9 Extent to which your stay in our hospital met your expectations*
10 What impressed you most about our hospital?*
11 Suggestions to improve our service*
12 General Comments*
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