Patient or Carer Satisfaction Survey v2


Admission Reason

1 Before entering hospital did you receive adequate advice about medical costs from your Doctor?*
2 Efficiency of admission process*
3 Level of advice on out-of-pocket expenses*
4 Courtesy and respect by office staff*
5 Quality/tastiness of the meal*
6 Parking adequacy for you and your carers/friends*
7 Orientation to your room and facilities*
8 General presentation of the hospital*
9 Call bell system*
10 Bathroom amenities*
11 Telephone system*
12 Cleanliness of the room*
13 Temperature of the room*
14 Acceptability of noise levels*
15 Preoperative information provided by the anaesthetist*
16 Courtesy of the theatre staff*
17 Surgery waiting time in hospital*
18 If surgery was delayed were you informed of revised timeframe*
19 Postoperative information provided by the surgeon*
20 Was your pain managed adequately*
21 Did you received your medications on time*
22 Did you received and understand the information provided about your medications*
23 Nurse response time to answer the nurse call bell*
24 Kept informed of your nursing treatment and care*
25 Carer participation in decisions of patient’s care*
26 Courtesy and respect by nurses*
27 Did you receive adequate information and satisfactory answers to your questions from your doctor*
28 Rating of physiotherapy level of care*
29 Rating of occupational therapy level of care*
30 Rating of psychologist level of care*
31 Were you informed of your healthcare rights*
32 Adequately prepared for discharge or transfer*
33 Would you recommend this hospital to another person*
34 What impressed you the most about Dudley Private Hospital*